Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage

Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage ★★★★

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I am not exaggerating when I say that watching this filled me with more dread and fear than any of the horror movies I've seen over the last year.

Absolute gut-wrenching and sickening on so many levels. Gut-wrenching to watch this all go down as an adult now, instead of a 13-year-old who just really loved Jewel and MTV and glitter gel pens -- and sickening to not be surprised to see the fires burn and to recognize what this looks like in our own time. 1999 wasn't that long ago, but January 6th was a lot more recent.

Can we talk a bit, too, on how this is to blame on "young, angry white men who have no reason to be mad"? I mean, yes, for sure they did these terrible and unforgivable things, but let's start the thread. It's really touchy and sticky of a subject, but it's one that kind of has my brain in knots right now.

Young, angry white men are truly terrifying, and I'm not being facetious, and they grow up to be adult, angry white men with more power and less conscience. But, how can you fully blame this affected subsect of our society without following the damaged cord back to the rotten root? I agree OF COURSE that this is disgusting and I'm not not taking the blame off of them for one second for the sexual assault, the violence, the "show us your tits" or else mentality but... how incredibly tragic is it to think of these men as little boys who were raised from an early age to act like this. To suppress softer emotions, to smash any sense of empathy for people not like them to the back of their horny brains, to think if they see something and they want it, they can have it. That they should have it and that they can take it. And get away with it. How does that start? How does it end?

TOXIC MASCULINITY, fucking Christ. Toxic masculinity as a force that denies young men any healthy outlet for their complicated emotions, leading them closer and closer to writing manifestos and buying guns and pulling drunk girls pants down at parties and rolling up to high schools ready to end it all.

This documentary showed as it happened and that's what was so sickening. Bob Scher tell us oh these girls got raped because they showed their tits. These girls, outnumbered and outsized by drunk men, empowered by crowds, demanding them to show their tits. Scher, organizer who could not hydrate the crowd or give them clean conditions, said it was Fred Durst who got them mad. Of course! Don't make me defend Limp Bizkit in 2021!

It's not music, it's not violent video games, it's something else that has turned a large chunk of white, American men into this and it's been brewing for decades. It's a mental health crisis. It's a lack of support, a lack of vulnerability by leaders, it's society as a whole shrugging their arms saying boys will be boys, so women and minorities, be sure to grab mace and be ready to run.

I don't know how to end this besides to say how scary it is to live on this earth sometimes, lol. ANYWAY. A few more thoughts:
+ THREE female artists?! That's it?! Jesus, guys!!
+ Dave Holmes..... is literally a babe, I'm sorry. I wish I could tell teenage me that 30something me would think this.
+ And I didn't even TOUUUUCHHHHHH on the poplash; Dexter Holland smashing blow-up dolls with BSB faces taped on them. These white men in the crowd so incredibly outraged that this music, aimed at teen girls, harmless and happy, was worth such HATRED and violent ideations? What the fuck is that? What kind of dude needs to make it clear that he doesn't like that shit? Jesus, like, that makes me so mad.
+ Ay yi yi, I don't know. At least 1994 Woodstock lowkey gave me a sexual awakening watching Trent Reznor sing "I just want something I can never have..." in the mud.

A must-watch, but just be ready. I'm curious if more people I follow watch this to hear what they say.

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