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  • Babylon 5: The Gathering

    Babylon 5: The Gathering


    Starting my latest rewatch of „Babylon 5“ (where I will use the recently released 4:3-masters) with the original version of the film that started it all. In its original edit (and music),  it‘s a rather uneven affair, but it does a decent enough job of setting up the characters and the story („There‘s a hole in your mind“), and already features a couple of amusing („beep beep“) and truly great moments (like Londo‘s speech). However, it‘s not especially gripping, the…

  • The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

    The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two


    Für zehn Minuten - Boston 1990 - dreht der Film kurz auf. Coole Musiknummer, und eine nette (wenn auch vorhersehbare) emotionale Szene zwischen Kate und „Doug“. Und natürlich, Kurt Russell und Goldie Hawn sind auch gut. Aber der Rest des Films geht unter in zu viel Zucker, der mit dem Holzhammer servierten Moral, der ausgelutschten, uninspirierten Story, und zu viel CGI, die das ganze leider sehr künstlich und teilweise mehr wie einen Animationsfilm wirken lassen. Da bot der erste - von dem ich jetzt auch schon nicht übermäßig begeistert war - weitaus mehr Witz und Charme.

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  • Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones


    While still not on par with the original trilogy, "Attack of the Clones" is a huge step up from "The Phantom Menace". It's entertaining throughout, profiting from a much more interesting setup than trade negotiations and blockades, and a central mystery that is very well worked out and that has you interested as well as invested in the story from the get-go. Also, I have to admit that one of the biggest criticisms brought against it, the love story, actually…

  • Logan



    "Logan" is a prime example of what the superhero genre is capable of if a movie dares to free itself from the restrictive constraints that usually come along with the genre. It's a grim, dark and hauntingly beautiful tale of a lone, beaten and broken wolf on a desperate mission with surprisingly (and pleasantly) downscaled odds. This time, Logan isn't out to save all of humanity, but rather gets one (final?) chance to retrieve his own. With superb performances by…