21 Jump Street ★★★

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are absolutely great together, and there are a couple of very funny scenes. Unfortunately, not every gag hits home. Not by a long shot. For example: To comment on the cliché of the shouting, angry police boss doesn't make its use any less clichéd. And I thought the idea of drugged cops being funny died with "Bad Boys II". The biggest problem is the middle act, though, where the High School-story takes center stage and it feels more like a teenage comedy – again with all the clichés this entails. What little action there is in this part of the movie – like the biker chase – fell completely flat for me; neither funny nor thrilling. And don't even get me started on Schmidt's fall out with his proposed girlfriend (how old is she anyway? It this even legal?). That part was especially boring, predictable, and run-of-the-mill. What's great is the beginning, the chemistry between the leads, and of course the final act, which also features one of the better cameo appearances you will see this year. Overall, it's nice and frequently entertaining, but not without its flaws, and hardly anything special.