Kick-Ass ★★★★★

Two minutes in you will already know if "Kick Ass" is for you or not. If you can't see what's so funny about the first scene, you might as well get up and leave. If, however, you are as morally depraved (:-p) as myself, thus laughing uncontrollably, you're in for a hell of a ride. "Kick Ass" masterfully mixes comedy, drama and action. It has you laughing in one minute, and fearing for the life of its protagonists in the next, and even provides the occasional downbeat moment, as well as some (slight) social commentary. It's true masterstroke, though, is the way it starts off as a (highly amusing, even if the premise "regular guy decides to be a superhero" is not necessarily new [see: "Mystery Men"] and has been especially popular in the last couple of years ["Defendor", "Super"]) parody of superhero movies, only to become a worthy, brilliant outing of the genre in its own right. After the first gag, it starts off pretty honest and realistic, but gets wackier with every passing minute, culminating in an over the top ending that is so far off its grounded outset of a guy donning a suit and getting beaten up that in hindsight you can't help but wonder how the hell we got there, and marvel at how Matthew Vaughn actually managed to keep you along for the ride, and make it feel like a natural progression and totally organic. Further kudos has to be given to the actors, especially breakout-star Chloe Grace Moretz, as well as Nicholas Cage, who channels Adam West in his "Big Daddy" scenes – with hilarious results. Aaron Johnson, Mark Strong, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Lyndsy Fonseca are great, too. Still, the real stars here are the brilliant script and Matthew Vaughn's perfect direction, which provides us with some of the most hilarious, tense, gripping, breathtaking and memorable scenes of 2010. If you enjoy a darkly humorous tone and aren't put off by over the top-violence, then this comes with my highest recommendations.

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