Saw ★★★★½

This one film was revolutionary before it got all milked out. No more phoning guys with scary white long face masks, no more Texan chainsaws, no more naked girls screaming. This was a movie that revived the horror genre with a visceral method to implement horror into a story. It went much deeper into the soul because it was psychologically terrifying. It wasn't about carnage or spilling guts, it was about what I would like to call organic engrossment.

The jigsaw "traps" engage the viewer in a story of gross, almost frantic feelings of sadism , to explore and transcend a mortal fear to "explore the own body" resulting in either pain or death.

They could have told this in one movie but it quickly started to become a series of films where newly invented jigsaw traps became some kind of gimmick, while endless, verbose writing ala "lost" became a tool to keep the viewer on the hook.

I just like this one movie.