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This review may contain spoilers.

It's definitely a lot. There are so many variables at play with characters and storylines that the fact it functions as well as it does is kind of an achievement. I kind of prefer the pacing of the first act a bit more to the rest of the film, giving time to emotional moments to actually hit their mark. The rest of the film is hit or miss in that regard, with the usual MCU trying to balance moments of comedy amidst horrible tragedy and loss, but it sorts itself out as it goes along. My rating is very highly positive, but I got some major gripes both with some storytelling choices.

I feel like having a lot of different people writing for all of these movies doesn't help well for character's developmental changes from film to film. Like I really hate how both Infinity War and this used Thor since it seems very divorced from the Ragnarok interpretation. I can understand why that is, considering Infinity War opens with a massive loss for him, but it's never set that he has an emotional regression or that he's come back to his old ways somewhat. Its probably worse here as that character regression is still there and just make him mostly a joke character two thirds in. Then a lot of integral stuff with the Guardians in Infinity War is also thrown to the wayside. Luckily they aren't as much of a focus here but its still disappointing nonetheless. Last thing was I felt the time travel structure was interesting at first, but got really uneven at times. For example, there was a lot of time focusing on New York and Asgard and I completely forgot about Hawkeye and Black Widow trying to find the soul stone for what seemed like 30 minutes.

But for all the moments all the sloppy character developments and occasional structural problems I have, the moments that really work land with a surprising amount of poignancy. Seeing Tony's arc finally come to a close in such a perfect way was obviously a stunner, but it would not have left the impression it did if the first half wasn't willing to let the audience breath for a moment before the time heist. It does so for a long time, but that time feels necessary (save for a really long comedic segment with the Hulk). That middle chunk with the time heist is the one that interests me the least because some of the emotional moments or character growth feel a bit rushed, but that first act is just perfect. And the climactic battle might be an all-timer for the MCU.

So it may be over bloated and emotionally conflicted at times, but the best moments of this film are probably some of the best of the whole series. Even for its flaws, it might be the best send-off we could get.

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