Booksmart ★★★★★

This film is the perfect antidote to post-graduation depression. Making this must have so much fun and a lot of care was put towards the characters and constructing some beautifully creative sequences, highlight being the pool scene followed by THAT long take. The soundtrack is fire, not only in the music choices but how they're used. It is also effortlessly hilarious. But I'm just so glad this film knew how to tackle that feeling of "this is the end of the line" or "what are we going to do after high school" in a way that wasn't demeaning and was completely sincere. The movie starts with all the characters as pretty standard tropes but some of them you get a lot of needed dimension. You get to know and have so much fun with these characters you don't want it to end. But that's the thing this movie knows very well, don't just focus on the end. Enjoy the ride while it lasts

This also fills my weirdly specific favorite story trope of the "movie that takes place over one night"

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