Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Decided to watch this because I picked up the soundtrack from a local Bookmans. Now looking back I should have watched this around the time of Johnathan Demme's passing because this film is perfect. Just pure musical euphoria. I've listened to a great deal of Talking Heads and loved everything I've heard, and this was a great mixture of songs I already knew and hadn't heard yet. But there is indescribable energy to the entire film, not just through the brilliant music but the performance of all the band members and a surprising amount of visual flair in the camerawork and editing. But mostly this one of the few films where I was just overwhelmed by this feeling to just jam the fuck out. Honestly the best kind of feel-good film. I knew that this was a masterpiece around the time Burning Down The House played.

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