Us ★★★★

"We are Americans"

Jordan Peele goes from creating a perfectly tuned and written chamber piece to maing a full-on horror epic. I'm still a little shaky on the middle act, as it felt like a slightly supernatural Funny Games, but once it enters the last act it transcends into something truly amazing. Some of the comic relief does feel like it falls a tad flat, but not enough to lessen the brilliant tension and overall atmosphere. But I think my favorite thing is that you could look at this film from multiple perspectives and get something new thematically. You could look at it from a psychological perspective, a social-political perspective, etc. Plus this films almost requires rewatch, as I feel there were so many little details, foreground or background, that could really add to my understanding of the film as a whole (just like how Get Out improved with further analysis). And I think, so far in the year, it has one of my favorite shots of the decade.

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