Her ★★★★

An unconventional love story from Spike Jonze, about a lonely, closeted man, struggling to get over his divorce, who falls in love with a disembodied voice from his smart phone. When that voice is provided by the sultry tones of Scarlett Johansson though, you can completely relate. Part satire on how technology has permeated every strata of our lives, as well as our reliance upon it, part good old fashioned love story (maybe old fashioned was the wrong term to use), Jonze has created a completely original yet believable vision of the future (not sure about the high-waisted trousers though). Joaquin Phoenix is great as the completely unconventional romantic lead, a sadsack whose job is to write heartfelt letters for other people, Johansson makes an entire character with just her voice, and there's good support from Amy Adams. A very touching, sweet (bitterly so at points) and funny film, all about the human need to make connections, in any way, shape or form. Really good film. You Her-d it here first! I'm sorry, I'll leave now.

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