Men, Women & Children

Men, Women & Children ★★★★

I see a lot of people mugging this film off. It made less than a million bucks in the US. Why? Why is this? I dug it. Sure, it isn't as deep or profound as it thinks it is, and some of the points Reitman tries to make are fairly obvious, but why the hate? The internet is such a prevalent and all-consuming thing in our modern culture, and this film tackles that, showing how people present themselves one way in real life and have another, sometimes more truthful, representation in the digital world. Again, this is hardly world-shaking information, but I can't think of another film that tackles these issues, and Men, Women & Children tackles them well. It has a great cast, including Sandler, Hank from Breaking Bad, Jennifer Garner as the mother from Hell, and the great Judy Greer, it covers a myriad of issues that people face, and how people are just making to make a connection, to belong to something, no matter how. Some of the plot lines are more effective than others, but I enjoyed the film. So there.

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