Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

You can’t help but feel that the story behind this film is more interesting than the one being depicted, but Solo: A Star Wars Story is a pretty fun, if slight, addition to the franchise. It feels like what Guardians of the Galaxy was to the other, heavier Marvel movies; intent on having a good time and not concerning itself too much with the larger goals. This film lives or dies by it’s casting, and thankfully they nailed it completely. The casting of Aiden Ehrenreich as young Han is inspired; he brings the cocksure arrogance and ‘flying by the seat of the pants’ mentality needed. Donald Glover’s Lando, Emilia Clarke, Paul Bettany, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s activist droid, its a great cast of characters. It does overconcern itself with answering every unessential question about Han’s past; you will know where he got the name Solo, fact fans; and it does feel like fanboy servicing at times, but it is a breezy caper film, frenetically paced, quite light in tone, the cast all bounce off each other well. I don’t know if it needed to exist, but as it is, I’m glad it’s as much fun as it is, and Ehrenreich is a a star (but I predicted that after Rules don’t Apply and Hail Caesar!). 

Spoiler alert

is fucking Darth Maul alive? Surely this can’t take place before Phantom Menace? 

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