Targets ★★★★

Roger Corman is renowned for giving young film-makers their start in the industry. The only caveats that Corman gave to Peter Bogdanovich, here making his directorial debut, were that he had to use Boris Karloff and he had to use archival footage from The Terror. Bogdanovich was then sent off on his merry way to make the film. Targets was the product. Head and shoulders above the usual exploitation quickie, Targets acts as a bridge between the old Gothic, campy horror films made by Karloff and co. and the type of darker, more violent and cerebral films that were to come (Peeping Tom, Night of the Living Dead etc). Karloff is the aging star, out of place, alien to what the industry is becoming, and Bogdanovich's film is pretty prescient in catching the tide of where horror movies were going. It was his calling card, a lifelong film fanatic, who was able to imbue his films with a sense of history and nostalgia, but also be forward thinking. Worth seeing for Karloff's last great performance.

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