Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors ★½

i don’t like the way this portrays londoners 
we don’t all go around using the words ‘wanker’ and ‘bollocks’ three times in every sentence, we don’t all say ‘BLOODY MARVELLOUS’ all the time. and most londoners are not personality-less white people. 

anyways my mum was the one who recommended this film to me so i should’ve known it was gonna suck. such a crappy movie tho fr it’s brought my mood down so much???  and why did BBC say this was a rom-com there’s nothing comedic about it (unless you include bad scriptwriting) . but i will say there’s some nice shots of London.

oh, and another thing. why the FUCK would they use a district line train in the set up for the movie?? out of ALL THE TRAINS? especially since they filmed in embankment, they could have used the bakerloo line what are they doinggg

also, part 2 of shit my dad says:

me: ‘it’s the kind of film that makes it easy for you to romanticise your life’

my dad: ‘it's the kind of film that makes it easy for me to hate my life because it means we live in a world where Sliding Doors exists. More like Shiteing Doors‘

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