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  • Hot Pepper

    Hot Pepper


    From the Les Blank films I've seen so far, this seems to be a perfect summation of the filmmaker's ethos. His humanism and artistry is on full display.
    Blank has an inimitable ability to capture people and their personalities. His films are so warm- you can feel his love for the subjects. Everyday life and absolutely beautiful shots of landscape paired with zydeco music. This film makes me feel happy to be a part of the human race.

  • Killing Heat

    Killing Heat


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I didn't enjoy this film too much. I feel like it's suffering from too short a running time for the story it is trying to tell. It is extremely hard to tell when and how much time passes. I have to imagine that I would appreciate it more after reading the book. The style of the film does not aspire to be masterful, but it does accomplish a feeling of tension by juxtaposing its claustrophobic interiors with its sweltering exteriors.…

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  • Cisco Pike

    Cisco Pike


    Cisco Pike is too under-appreciated and deeply in need of a cult. Though the basic plot is not new, the film feels fresh in its freewheeling pace, spirit, great performances and the way it captures a place and time that feels absent from most films from the time.

    Karen Black is unfortunately pushed to the side. As always, she brings depth to her small amount of screen time.