Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga ★★★

I wasn't anticipating this ESC-based Will Ferrell comedy at all based on its ridiculous premise, but spontaneously decided to give it a chance nevertheless. The Story of Fire Saga is cheerful in its ridiculousness, it is bright and colorful and somehow managed to defy my expectations of it being a completely stupid and shallow film.

I feel like this film might not age that well, but as a snapshot of the current state of a famous song competition with a long-running history, this worked surprisingly fine. While not all the film is as funny as expected, that actually turned into its strength as it benefits from a heartfelt underlying story.

I still don't think I will ever become a fan of Will Ferrell, but I occasionally really enjoy some of his comedic stuff, and Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga includes some of the best stuff he has done in a while. Rachel McAdams completely outshines him, however, and has no problems proving herself a gifted comedian once again after the fantastic Game Night. I really enjoyed Dan Stevens' supporting turn, even though his crazy and over-the-top characters in some of his recent, more obscure character choices are becoming increasingly abstract and confusing.

I have never followed the ESC more closely, so I was probably not within the target audience at all. And it's not really a great film, but my low expectations were exceeded by far and the two hours actually flew by even though I expected to become annoyed with the long runtime, so in the end I liked it even though everything indicates it shouldn't have been for me.

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