Gemini Man ★★½

Even though Ang Lee is a very versatile and talented director, my expectations for Gemini Man had been rather low based on what I have seen in the trailers and previews. If you have similar feelings towards this, rest assured that Gemini Man is everything you think it is: a technically stunning achievement which did not spend a lot of thought on how to actually tell a good story.

Technically, the work delivered here is stunning. There is a motorcycle chase sequence in the middle of the film which absolutely blew my mind from the way it was filmed. The CGI looks surprisingly convincing. On the other hand, we have Will Smitg playing Will Smith (twice), Clive Owen playing yet another boring and unmemorable villain, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead kicking ass (for me, her character was one of the best things about this film).

In the end, Gemini Man is worth watching (once) if you are in the mood for an entertaining, yet generic blockbuster, but it does not offer enough to warrant spending the money to watch it in 3D and HFR as I did. Not quite a disappointment, but definitely not the spectacular achievement it could have been (apart from the technical categories).

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