Mirror ★★★★★

Andrei Tarkovsky's Mirror is not only one of his most personal films, but also a fascinating glimpse into a reflective retrospect that embeds Tarkovsky's loosely autobiographical memories and experiences into the context of the rich Russian history. Its nonlinear structure basically mirrors the intermingling of memories of your past, not necessarily present in your mind on a linear thread of time. Time can be an abstract concept when it comes to memories, and Mirror is the exact embodiment of that very concept.

In fact, while the accessibility of each of Tarkovsky's films remains a subject of discussion, to me Mirror might be his most intangible work in that unlike Stalker, Solaris or Andrei Rublev, a certain familiarity with Tarkovsky's distinct style of filmmaking and/or the cultural background is absolutely required in order to ease the process of penetrating the surface of what Mirror has to offer.

I am not even sure whether my second viewing was already sufficient to gain a remote understanding of anything Tarkovsky has to say. But I am sure that this is a work I will return to yet another time in a few years, and perhaps find something else in the philosophical nature of its narrative.

But even if I was not able to elicit meaning from every idea implemented by Tarkovsky (and most likely never will be): this film is stunningly beautiful and gorgeously cinematic; truly a transcendental experience. A poem in visual form; deeply personal and emotionally affecting.

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