Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

It had been quite some time since I saw Mulholland Drive for the last time, and this viewing completely fucked me up, to be honest. I didn't expect the ending to hit me this hard; I found the film to be incredibly sad this time and was left with a feeling of loneliness, except it also filled me with the warm feeling of having seen a true masterpiece.

I could not possibly say anything about the plot, the structure or the technical aspects. The film is so good that I would not be able to respectfully refer to it in any way possible. However, I'd definitely recommend you to read ScreeningNotes' review after watching the film in order to gain a more comprehensible insight into the film's nature and its complex structure.

In addition, Naomi Watts completely destroyed me with her performance. She is perfectly suited to convey the personality of an innocent naive woman, actually reminding me of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Naomi Watts has received a very good reputation throughout the last two decades and has starred in many wonderful films, but I still think that too few people recognize her as one of the most graceful and talented actresses currently working in Hollywood.

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