Rambo ★★★

After the disappointing and genuinely terrible conclusion to the original Rambo trilogy, this fourth film in the series, picking up twenty years after the third film left off, takes things into a more serious direction again and attempts to provide a sincere depiction of the horrors of war. Stallone has proved himself a capable director before, and once again manages to embody his character with the required charisma and heavy-handedness.

I enjoyed this film mostly for its entertaining action set pieces. Unfortunately, its splatter-like elements take away from the experience that constantly came so close to reinventing what made the original First Blood so good in the first place, but never quite achieved the task due to its incapability to place Rambo's character above the action sequences. And don't get me wrong, I enjoy the action in this film as much as anyone, but it was the perfect mixture that made the first film so good, and the lack thereof that made the subsequent ones so weak, comparatively.

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