The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★

I am torn with this undeniable smash hit that received so much positive acclaim across the board. Even though the film seemingly represents a revolution for the animation genre, just like Sony's most recent animated hit before (Into the Spider-Verse, in the unlikely case that wasn't obvious), its storytelling techniques and overcharged editing style left me without the same sense of admiration that its wholesome, relatable depiction of teenage struggles and family dynamics gave me.

So, the character work and the positive allure of The Mitchells vs the Machines remain its strongest selling points, but I was not entirely captivated with the story. The message about the dangers of technology disconnecting us from what we should give attention in real life deserves attention, and given that this message is embedded in a depiction of family life that should make each of us yearn for getting closer to our loved ones again, there is no denying that The Mitchells vs the Machines does a wonderful job getting its thesis across to the audience.

Unfortunately, the splashy, almost overwhelming editing style did not work me, even if the colorful animation looks undeniably beautiful. To me, it felt weird to make a movie about the dangers of today's fast-evolving technologies, and then edit the movie so swiftly that it seems designed to specifically hold the attention of those who would look at their phones as soon as a shot lasts longer than five seconds. Not really my favorite, particularly when so much of the plot is so unbelievable, but I can appreciate that it worked for a lot of people.

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