Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

Best Horror of 2021

I was certainly looking forward to a new Zach Snyder dead movie debuting on Netflix...that was until I saw it was 2.5 hours long....I don't mind long moves, but a zombie heist film really has no business being this long. C'mon Zach...

Still this was a lot of fun. The oft cited prologue was certainly a highlight, but zach certainly has a gift for staging gleefully over the top action mayhem and when the film indulges itself with action set pieces it shines. Some of the emotional beats, though fall a bit flat despite Bautista's broad acting shoulders. Most of the characters are 2 dimensional caricatures, but I didn't expect much else, but at least Tig Notero steals every scene she's cut and pasted into.

But again, come for the zombie mayhem, and stay for the zombie mayhem and ignore the rest.

The obvious stinger at the end is meh....and I'm kind of over Zach's annoying need to world build every corner of every thing he does. Just make cool, fun movies, most of us don't care if there are 10 prequel and sequel ideals baked in.

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