Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

Best of 2020

Well this one snuck up on me.  

An understated well executed story of accepting the things you can’t change, changing the things you can and knowing the difference.  Yeah, it’s the serenity prayer in a film about a heavy metal drummer that loses his hearing and has to cope with that fact along with maintaining his sobriety.

Riz Ahmed is absolutely stunning in this role and he carries the movie with his heartfelt vulnerability.  His ability to emote with his eyes and convey tightly coiled angst and fear, and then acceptance and serenity is astounding.  Special acknowledgment for the sound design.   Alternating between Ahmed’s POV, hearing only muffled sound and then nothing and the rest of the hearing world is stark and effectively communicates the depth of the shock and loss anyone who experiences a sudden loss of hearing would feel.

The final reel is painful yet understated and, again, Ahmed sells his realization that he cannot go back, cannot change certain things and has, despite himself, actually found a serenity in his silence.

A moving, beautiful film.  Not to be missed.

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