The Sect ★★★½

I’ve said this before, but it’s a damn shame Michele Soavi hasn’t made more horror films.  He takes the best, bravura camera work of Argento’s and imbues it with a more modern sensibility with his own style to spare.

The Sect seems to be his effort to revisit some of the ideas in The Church without the baggage of a pre-existing script or demonic framework.   It is visually stunning and pulls off a trick of being long and somewhat inert, yet without feeling like it particularly drags.  

I love the opening sequence and then when the main story kicks in when Kelly Curtis (Jamie Lee’s sister) nearly runs over Herbert Lom, things really take off.  This is an obvious riff on much more famous movie from 1968 that criterion has released and I won’t name since I don’t want to spoiler warn this review.  I appreciated this modern, Italian take on the idea.   I loved the ancient bug (bug’s just freak me out)  and the blue ribbons in the water and that many things weren’t overly explained.  

The ending is suitably elliptic and cryptic.  While I prefer The Church and, of course, Cemetery Man, this is fascinating and beautiful.  In some ways it reminded me the masterpiece that is Hereditary as well.

Come on A24, give Soavi a couple million to make something amazing.

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