The Strangers: Prey at Night ★½

Hooptober 7.0

Film 30/39 - 6/7 second films in a franchise.

I saw and quite liked the original The Strangers when it came out and had heard that while this was a lesser sequel it contained a terrific set piece toward the end at the pool.

Well...It certainly was much lesser and the much lauded set piece was nothing special so I was quite disappointed.

The central component of the terror in the original was the home invasion aspect.  Being attacked and trapped in your own home strikes a primal chord of horror and the original deployed that quite effectively at times.   Here, they make the choice to expand the action to a sprawling motor home park and while that affords opportunities for different types of action, this aspect of the horror is completely gone after the first knock at the door when the family spreads out and separates throughout the park.

The other aspect, the otherness of the attackers with the masks and the lack of dialogue or motive works a little better here, but without the first aspect its just any other unknown, unmotivated killer film and falls just as flat as those do.

As I’ve said before, in Hooptober, they can’t all be winners.

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