American Honey

American Honey ★★★★½

Ok it took me like 2 and half years but I FINALLY sat down to watch this movie. Given it was coming from A24 I knew I would be in for a treat but this definitely exceeded my expectations. The way this was shot is EVERYTHING first of all, I loved the handheld feel of everything and even that boxed-in ratio just felt so perfect for this. The aesthetic alone is worth watching this for in my opinion like this movie just looks so great I just adored the energy I got from most of this movie. There really isn't much plot to it - like it feels like nothing really happens, and yet it feels like there's so much to take in at the same time. Like to absorb all the themes in this film I feel like you would have to watch it multiple times, so many minor details make this what it is. Definitely a good commentary on the American poor fighting through the capitalistic world. The very beginning was sad and shocking and a great hook for it, and the very end was breathtaking - I had goosebumps !!! Like anytime I hear God's Whisper from here on out I will always think about that final scene. There are plenty of uncomfortable moments of course but there are also a lot of feel-good moments and it all just feels so raw and real and I just love movies like that so much. It was almost a 3 hour runtime, and yet I was focused almost entirely on the movie for pretty much all of it - and as much as nothing particularly important goes on, to me it feels like this movie could not afford to lose a single second of runtime. The movie is nothing special and yet it feels so special at the same time, there's just something about it that captures you in and doesn't let you out. I LOVED the fact that this didn't have a score honestly, it felt like such a unique choice - the only soundtrack is the music that the main character, Star, hears in her travels. It made all the other sounds in the movie stand out and for some reason I just couldn't get enough of that. I used to dream of feeling as free as these characters were. I still do I guess, and this made me feel the same way I did about that as I did when I was 16 - the aimlessness of the movie just evokes that feeling. The American Honey sequence in the van was a cultural reset, that made me feel so so warm inside. The scene where she rides with that truck driver and they sing together and he asks her about her dreams was amazing as well like this really reignited my desire to just hop in a car with an old man and never come back. Most of the characters were nothing special, and for a lot of the beginning I didn't like them which was probably partially due to the fact that my teenhood was boring and uptight and I don't know how to have fun and I'm too mentally stunted to try to live it up in college - but anyways. That one minor character Corey whipping his dick out randomly felt so odd but like he was kinda hot I guess so I’m not complaining. Sasha Lane's Star was an amazing main character and she felt so real, and Shia LeBeouf's Jake was toxic as hell but he was fun !!! I forgot how great of an actor he actually is. Yeah. Everything about this felt worth the 2 hours and 43 minutes to me. This was stellar, really. It made me feel a way I haven't felt since I was 16 years old and I am so so glad it did. I wouldn't call it a "favorite" necessarily (maybe after another watch or so???) but I am so so glad I watched this movie because it truly was fantastic. Actually scratch that I can’t stop thinking about how much I loved the look and feel of this movie. Perhaps this will be a favorite.

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