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  • Joker



    One of the most honest portrayals of someone who desperately needs help and not hatred.

  • Midsommar



    Emotionally manipulative right from the start. Pretentious twaddle through out. It's a rip off of Wicker Man. It's unintentionally funny. It's highly Over-Stated and has a plethora of overly obvious themes. Its droning sounds of chanting and crying and screaming is downright agitating and irritating. Reminds me of Kristen Stewart from Twilight New Moon. It is Horrendously boring and artsy fartsy. Laughably Overrated is another trait this movie adorns with douchey pride. I also get that a…

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  • Alien



    When I was young and stupid, I thought this movie was a little slow and boring. I watch it now and realize that instead of trying to rush into pointless action sequences that have nothing to do with the plot, it creates atmosphere and a moodiness that is truly frightening. The story is mesmerizing, tightly constructed, well developed, and free of illogical twists. Over 30 years later, its simplicity and effectiveness are still as strong as its original release.


  • The Taint

    The Taint


    The Taint doesn’t fuck around; it grabs your attention with some titties and gets straight to the fucking point! Within the first seven minutes, just about every type of bodily fluid spews, gushes, and squirts all over the place. It is seriously hard to review this film without giving away spoilers. There may not be much of a plot to spoil but how do you talk about this movie without bringing up zombie-like misogynists running around with giant raging hardons…