Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

So I think I have delayed this review long enough, any longer and it'll be a new day and will follow in the footsteps of my Ad Astra review that took 30 hours to formulate. I do have some notes I wrote so maybe this will be written in a similar way.
Now, I have sat, lied down, and showered with the film in my mind, slowly carving the sentences I need to type down.

The earliest thought I have once I finished this film was "Oh fuck, that was good!" followed by a sullen realization of "Oh that's it?" and a "I won't get to relive the excitement of the third act for the first time again."
I did think about rewatching this film immediately, by the way.

Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood lets the audience enter the 1960 effortlessly but makes them have a hard time leaving. Parts of this film felt so dreamy with its colors and cinematography. It's costumes were nothing short of perfection either. But the part that truly contributed to its lifeblood is the soundtrack, which is well deserving of its Grammy nomination. The way it's intergrated into the film made added to its layer of lightness.

While this film didn't flew past me like a breeze, it does feel lasting like a durable lightweight material of some kind.
Also that third act was fucking class, one of the happiest I've been this year.

Now onto what I considered a highlight of the film: the ensemble and performances.
One of the things that kept raising my level of excitement are all the cameos in the film, from Michael Madsen to Maya Hawke and I was a little surprised to see the late Luke Perry. However the one true point I would like to talk about is the shining star for me: Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth. He was so magnificent and is probably carrying one of the year's best supporting performances. Also that charisma was truly a panty dropper.

To take from a short note I wrote up earlier:
"Brad Pitt's performance was one of the year's strongest. Cliff Booth was a charmingly unforgettable character that colored the screen even when he wasn't in the scene."

So for now, this is the review I have. I am most definitely rewatching this so, keep an eye for that.

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