When Harry Met Sally... ★★★★★

1. Don’t watch this when you’re socially isolating and haven’t had s** in almost three months and you feel so lonely you could die because you WILL be sad after and consider pushing all the pillows in the empty spot next to you in bed together so you can lean against them.

2. I wrote so many essays (maybe 2 or 3) about Nora Ephron movies for media classes in college that a professor told me I want allowed to anymore 

3. You thought sexy Oklahoma was the 2019 musical when really it was this scene in the 80s with Billy Crystal in a Sharper Image

4. Meg Ryan’s wig at the airport is a crime

5. The intimacy of watching a movie together with someone who is far away from you? Why does this touch me every time

6. Carrie Fischer I adore you. 

7. This movie reinforces so many gender stereotypes and the title question of whether men and women can be friends is reductive but it works still for me 

8. Sometimes I remember the time I gave my only copy of this movie to a guy on our second date. Second date. I wanted him to watch it and text me his updates while he watched it. I mean, he did. But ON A SECOND DATE?? THIS MOVIE?? I was truly a psychopath. I am so sorry. I am menace to society. 

9. I am always gonna love the idea of enemies turn to friends to lovers or just enemies to lovers. People who find one another contemptible. People who get on eachother’s nerves. People who take years and years and years to get together. I love that shit. Which is why I try to make as many enemies as possible so in 10 years we can fall in love. 

10. Rob Reiner is one of my favorite directors and it blows my mind he’s never won a major award for directing. 

11. If I were a tik toker I’d make one of those “kissing my guy friend for the first time” videos with just scenes from this movie and it would be HILAROUS.

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