Frank ★★★★★

Oh Frank, I love you so.
When I first heard about this movie about a year ago I became obsessed and then kind of forgot about it. When I finally found out it was in Michigan it was the last weekend it was showing at my beloved Main Art so my dad and I scrambled to see it. It was 10 at night on a Sunday and we had dinner in an empty BDs Mongolian before. I was enthralled by Frank then and Im enthralled by Frank now.
This movie is such a gem. It's a smart study of people's perception of mental illness, as well as a fascinating and hilarious character study. The cast includes some of my all time favorites: Michael Fassbender (who should have won major awards for this performance), Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Domhnall Gleeson. The music is fun (I would actually listen to the Soronoprfbs) and the whole thing is a treat.

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