Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★

i have watched a space odyssey, mulholland drive, AND there will be blood. all in the span of a week. so forgive me if i feel drained from this experience. i really haven’t decided if i think lynch is a genius or a mad man. twin peaks is by far my favorite thing he has made. i understand the hype for this film. it’s definitely a great piece but something about it just feels too personal for me. personal films aren’t an issue at all of course but this is definitely a film you have to research theories on after and i’m a person who does not like researching theories on films. i like to have my own opinions and interpretations (like everyone) it’s just something about this felt cryptic enough to have my own interpretation but also too personal for me to ever really see past lynch’s feelings. definitely benefits from a rewatch. 

also FUCK THOSE OLD PEOPLE. never been that unnerved during a movie.

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