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  • Sleep Tight

    Sleep Tight


    Yeah ok but... why?

    Full of plot holes and dead ends. And boring. It was tediously slow in the set up and I kept nodding off through the whole thing because of the complete lack of suspense. And what was going on with the score?

  • Creep 2

    Creep 2


    What a good time I had watching this. It does such a great job of unnerving and wrong-footing you without ever resorting to cheap tactics (which, paradoxically, most big budget horrors are guilty of). Duplass is the king of weird and awkward and I love watching him work that.
    It's disturbing rather than out and out scary, and it is very funny in all the right ways. I'm very particular about comedy in my horror, it has to be pitched…

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  • In a Lonely Place

    In a Lonely Place


    Still perfect, still gorgeous and devastating. Gloria Grahame is exquisite and Bogart is at the top of his game.

    I first saw it about a year ago; watching it the second time around I was able to really luxuriate in every moment. And I was lucky enough to catch it on the big screen: magic.

  • On Dangerous Ground

    On Dangerous Ground


    I knew I was going to love this right from the start. Sometimes I just get that feeling; everything seems right.
    This is a film of two parts, the first being an excellent study of the dark heart of the city. It's a beautiful start, like a textbook of noir, with some great dialogue too. It shows Robert Ryan's character struggling with loneliness, rage, and rank cynicism, drowning in the darker side of human nature that he comes into contact…