First Blood ★★★★

This isn't a review at all, just an info dump about something that came to mind after watching this.

There is a sub section of noir films that I particularly like (bear with me) that deal either explicitly or implicitly with PTSD. This led me to read up a bit on PTSD in American veterans, in WW2 and the Korean war mainly, leading me to Vietnam too. I was fascinated and horrified to read that the psychological trauma of war was massively intensified during Vietnam due to the way that soldiers were not trained and deployed as a unit but trained as a draft and then each soldier being dropped in wherever needed, creating a sense of total isolation in what was already a horrific experience. Because of this everyone was at different points in their tour at any given time, destabilising the strong bonds that naturally form between soldiers. Even worse, it meant that each soldier returned home essentially alone, shipped back with other soldiers yes, but probably none that he knew or had served with, unable to decompress or share experiences in order to begin processing the trauma, a factor that hugely exacerbated the effects of PTSD.

Anyway, I must thank Terminator Genisys for being so shit that we turned it off and I was able to watch this glorious bit of 80s action instead: can't believe I'd never seen it before.

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