King Kong

King Kong ★★★½

When I was a kid my family always went to the same Pizza Hut because it was the only chain restaurant in the small town we lived in. That Pizza Hut is foundational for my childhood and the aesthetic of mid 2000s Pizza Hut will forever have a place in my heart. Part of that aesthetic included the iconic picture of 1933 Kong climbing up the building which hung in the far corner of the Pizza Hut. As a kid I always thought that Kong looked super silly and couldn't believe that it would strike fear in anyone. I finally got around to watching the actual movie it was from and if I could time travel I would go back and tell my younger self that Kong in stop motion within the movie looks a lot better and you should get more cultured.

Kind of foundational for analog filmmaking and is pretty much the technical blueprint for so many big important movies that would follow it and use its methods of stop motion, matte painting and miniatures. (Star Wars, Godzilla, Jaws and so many more). So for that alone it is worth seeing for its historical importance in filmmaking techniques. As far as the story goes it doesn't really seem as powerful as the visual spectacle. It is streamlined and kind of basic but ends on a pretty iconic note. A lot to appreciate especially considering the year it was made in and it inspired a lot of personal favorites of mine so I respect the craft.

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