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  • Sisters With Transistors

    Sisters With Transistors


    Fuck. Yes.

    A really inventively-made doc with shockingly good B-roll, superb editing, light touch narration (with no on-camera secondary interviews!) and a killer soundtrack, obviously.

    I was a bit worried that it would be TERFy, since Wendy Carlos is not included in the main lineup, but she does eventually get her own segment, however brief. A friend argued that its because she's much more commercial than the others—I think Maryanne Amacher disses it as playing "dead white men's notes", which,…

  • Muscle



    Is there a catchy abbreviation for "middle class middle-aged dude exploitation"? This film leverages every little insecurity of the paunchy, balding, Lost British Man into something genuinely terrifying. Terry-fying!

    My hatred of villains named Terry continues with this little shot of adrenaline straight from the hollowed-out North, where shit call centre jobs have replaced industrial labour and our protagonist Simon lives his hollowed-out little life. Definitely post-Fight Club, this stranglehold of a film is a viscous British twist on this…