Sunday Go to Meetin' Time

Sunday Go to Meetin' Time ★½

The songs are OK, and the green and purple colour scheme for Hell pops, but yes, indeed, more than anything this is racist as fuck. I'm questioning the need to "see for myself", but perhaps to examine that would undermine my whole teenage mindset when it comes to media consumption? It's like I'm almost there, but can't take the final step. I like trash and I'm drawn to "the forbidden", a motivating factor when watching things like this (as part of the so-called Censored Eleven) or the entire DPP list of video nasties. I'm not a film scholar or even a self-important podcaster, so me watching these problematic artifacts adds nothing to anything save my curiosity and that little frisson of accessing the "naughty". This thing isn't naughty though, its simply shitty, even for the low standards of 1936.

I have nine more of these to go (for admittedly no reason): maybe I'll eventually watch them, but meanwhile I'll need to continue questioning if I should.