Mark Costello

Mark Costello


A bored accountant who can't wait to get home in a day and ignore his wife and child in his home cinema........

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  • Godzilla: Final Wars

    Godzilla: Final Wars


    Thanks to iTunes cocking up the years on these 'Zilla flicks now, I'm watching these all out of order. Mind you, by the time I get to number 29 I really don't think that matters.......

    This was supposed to be the end, the grand hurrah, the most expensive film to celebrate Gojira's 50th birthday and the last one until Hollywood came a calling again a decade later. And the makers at least went all out in terms of putting everything…

  • Forrest Gump

    Forrest Gump


    Look, I was at University in '94 so I know how great Pulp Fiction was. And still fucking is. And I was reading Stephen King since I was in single digits so I know how great Shawshank was. And still fucking is. And yet I will fight anyone who says that Gump didn't deserve Best Picture at the '95 Oscars.

    Cramming everything that cinema is and can be into a single film takes balls. The fact that it works as…

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  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Lawrence of Arabia


    The film is a rich mix of classic old school epic - right up to the intermission, the story of an outcast military man with a love for Arabia suddenly finding himself leading an army across the desert to take a small town and going against his superiors is told with such visual gusto, its almost hard to believe this was all shot in camera - and much more modern character piece - the second half is one of more…

  • Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

    Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse


    Superbad meets Dawn of the Dead. With added nob gags.

    We've seen teen movies bolted onto the zombie genre before, although its to the genre's shame its tended to be teen romances or dramas  - Warm Bodies, Zombies on Disney +, even Maggie tended to take its teen element very seriously indeed. Yet no-one had attempted the teen gross out comedy as a zombie movie before.......until now.

    Recognisable face Tye Sheridan leads a trio of scouts who have to return…