Mark Costello

A bored accountant who can't wait to get home in a day and ignore his wife and child in his home cinema........

Favorite films

  • Alien
  • The City of Lost Children
  • Blade Runner
  • Dazed and Confused

Recent activity

  • The Big Racket


  • Terms of Endearment


  • Thirteen Lives


  • The Deep House


Recent reviews

  • The Big Racket

    The Big Racket


    Gleefully violent and deliciously brutal poliziotteschi that rams its action so far up its audiences backsides they won't be able to sit down for a week.

    The great Fabio Testi is a cop on the trail of a psychotic gang of youths drumming up business for their own protection racket - shaking down anyone and everyone in Rome to pay up or have their livelihoods destroyed. Of course the racket is a front for an international drug smuggling operation and…

  • Terms of Endearment

    Terms of Endearment


    This infamous mega-weepie that swept the board at the 1984 Oscars (winning 5 statues for picture, director, actress, supporting actor and script) offers so much more than its melodramatic reputation would suggest.

    Nominally the story of a feisty mother and daughter (Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger) across several decades, it offers up a refreshingly realistic and spiky take on the usual bumps in the road - both are bitingly acerbic and borderline unlikable, but with enough wit and fierce intelligence…

Popular reviews

  • The Shining

    The Shining


    It remains peerless - Kubrick's clinical gaze and style gives everything so much room to breathe, the tension just oozes out of the screen. The polar opposite of modern super-quick, jump scare horror, there are almost no setpieces as we think of them today, more a steady and unsettling escalation of events, where nothing more than a woman reading a few sheets of paper is one of the most terrifying things ever committed to screen.

    That clinical visual style is…

  • Prey



    Wonderfully epic in scale thanks to its superb locations and cinematography, a great turn from its young lead and some nicely gnarly bloodletting still can't make up for the fact that its yet another Predator film with yet another Predator taking on yet another single outgunned protagonist in yet another jungle/forest environment.

    Better than its careless dumping on Disney + suggests, it gets the franchise back on track after Shane Black's woeful effort. Trachtenberg gives it his all, with sweeping…