Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga ★★★

Now I have conclusive proof that you could play Sigur Ros' Hoppipolla over anything and it would get me right in the fucking feels.......

Ferrell is rapidly becoming the worst thing in any Will Ferrell movie - his Icelandic fisherman-cum-Eurovision dreamer is a plodding 90's caricature of every man-child he's played since Austin Powers. Thank fuck then for Dan Stevens (the greatest definitely not gay Russian fabuloso the world has ever seen) and Rachel McAdams (as the most devoted and cutest girl. Ever) who singlehandedly rescue this from Ferrell's pratfalling.

Starts strong, lulls horribly as we get to the competition, but picks up massively with the camp-as-Christmas Song-a-Long, a superb spin on the Riff-Off from Pitch Perfect, and from there on in, through Spinal Tap-esque stage equipment malfunctions, through to Pierce Brosnan's stoic fisherman father being disappointed in Ferrell', I think it's just being disappointed in Ferrell, before plunging headlong into the uplifting finals of the most cheesetastic music competition the world has ever known to finish strongly thanks to everyone's favourite emo Icelanders.

Yet another example of my heart being completely disassociated from my head - I know I shouldn't have liked this, but I really kinda did. Easy Sunday afternoon fare with some cheesemungous ear worms that put anything the real Eurovision has produced in nearly forty years to absolute fucking shame.

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