Evil Ed

Evil Ed ★★

A dim recollection of the name from my time working at Blockbusters back in the mid-90s (best. job. ever), this Swedish cheapo splatter-fest is more to be appreciated than enjoyed really. Made by a rag tag group of mates over the course of three years, the film started off with no script and no money......just an idea to make the kind of horror film never been done in Sweden before at the time (early '90s) thanks to very strict censorship laws.

What we get is the tale of a buttoned-up film editor drafted in by a Schlock-meister to take out all the offensive parts of his latest horror opus for those censors.....which of course turns the mild mannered guber into a raging psychopath with a bloodlust. Throw in random hallucinations, digs at more high brow Swedish cinema and lashings of far-too-on-the-nose horror movie name dropping and basically what we have is an effects reel in search of a script.

For an obviously incredibly cheap film, the old school practical effects are really rather good - we get limb lopping in graphic detail, a sweet-ass dismemberment by shotgun in really gory close up, all manner of prosthetic masks of demons (including one which ripped off Tim Curry's Darkness spectacularly).....there's a lot in here and its all pretty nifty. Its a shame then that the script is utterly woeful - a decent idea that is very much a game of two halves: the first, the editor turning and stalking his family in an abandoned house, is the best; while the second, when the editor is captured and taken to the local mental hospital, is simply awful - this part was filmed years after principal photography when the filmmakers realised they didn't have much of a film and it shows: the dialogue, acting, everything of this part (apart from the effects) is totally shocking frankly.

All in, its a testament to what can be achieved on no money, but the awful script (which doesn't cost anything!) and the fact that Braindead came out during its production to steal its thunder, means its simply not a good enough 'film' to warrant recommending. Which is a shame as those effects are really quite good!

Summary - not many Swedish splatter flicks around, so its an interesting oddity to say the least. Some really good practical effects are about all that can recommend this as the script is woeful and as amateurish as the actors. Still......if you are interested, its on a great disc from Arrow and the crew and cast seem really good fun and value so maybe its worth a punt......if you've got a spare tenner in your pocket and there's nowt else to tickle your fancy, genre peeps.

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