Frozen II ★★★½

Like a comfortable blanket and a mug of cocoa, we return to Arundel and our favourite royal sisters for a film that while at once immediately part of the same world as the first film, is somewhat odder and, dare I say it, darker than its predecessor.

The tunes aren't as catchy, the humour not as prevalent and the new characters feel somewhat hollow as the story takes in an enchanted forest and people frozen in time, a historical wrong that needs righting and a few too many character deaths that stick just long enough to almost be meaningful before being fully reversed by the time the end credits roll.

And yet I enjoyed this almost as much as the first one - the darker tone gave it a bit of a bite, although it again felt very Elsa-centric as we now find that she's basically the Fifth Element (could we see LeeLoo crop up in Frozen III? I'm fucking in).

But its beautiful to look at, gorgeous to listen to and its more of the same. An easy watch for fans of the first one.

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