Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore ★★★★

I don't really like Adam Sandler. Not really. People say Punch-Drunk Love, I say meh. People say The Wedding Singer, I say pffft. But this? This makes me guffaw.

Maybe because there's just no pretence to any form of story, its just angry Sandler being angry, but with the right mix of cool pop culture cameos (Jaws! Apollo! The dude off of The Price is Right saying 'bitch'!!!!), utter surrealism (his homeless caddy, Weather's missing hand, Ben Stiller in his prison guard role) and genuine amusement (pretty much every time Sandler steps onto a golf course, Christopher McDonald doing great villain) to just hit the sweet spot.

I know its guff. But the game cast (not to forget the delightful Julie Bowen and those 'happy place' sequences......) and heart to it all (it’s all for Grandma, see?) mean I really like this. Throw in a decent soundtrack (any film that begins and ends with Tuesday's Gone by Skynyrd is ok in my book) and this is a 90 min jape-a-thon for me.

Summary - the only Adam Sandler film I like, its still amuses thanks to the fish out of water angry young man on the golf course schtick. Cool cameos and a decent cast help out the Sandler boy no end.

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