Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★½

Having never played the video game this is based on, all I saw were the very obvious movie references - the Fury Road-esque completely unexplained fantasy-type world, the Pitch Black scary critters who are afraid of the sunlight and live in huge underground chimneys, the Tron Legacy vibe of the orchestral electronica soundtrack and even the third act being the film we all wanted Reign of Fire to be and now we finally have - that stitched the threadbare plot together.

But it was a very large budgeted B-movie creature feature, nothing less. Watching Jovovich kick ass is a joy in itself and finally we have a western film that gives Tony Jaa something decent to do and these two make a solid double act for most of the runtime. Throw in a random opening featuring wooden ships 'sailing' through desert sands whilst being attacked by creatures that look like Tim Curry's Darkness had a drunken one night stand with an Arrakis sandworm, Ron Perlman looking like Sigfried and Roy's dad in his finest Duran Duran garb and a cat in a bandana that can cook up a mean fish dish as well as be handy with a blade and its nothing but very big, very dumb fun from start to finish.

Anderson doesn't annoy here as much as he can - his shaky cam tricks that seemed to steadily ramp up with the Resi sequels are mostly absent here, instead the film's reliant on him just giving us huge monsters set in huge vistas and very little else. That can easily annoy as there really is nothing to it.......but for fans of shallow, pretty, loud things, its all really rather good fun.

And I thought this was all really rather good fun indeed.

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