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  • Christine
  • Crash
  • Titane
  • Southland Tales

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  • Piercing


  • New Moon

  • Prince of Darkness


  • Bodies Bodies Bodies


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  • X



    X marks the spot. The first Ti West I’ve really loved and I’m happy he’s served something up for horror fans across the board. The intro doesn’t offer much promise, but once it finds its stride, X serves on the weird, gruesome, and sexy fronts. There’s also a great through line in here on how aging in a world on the cusp of the 80’s lead to eras of increased inhibition and declaration to faith, which in turns takes quite a…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    David Fincher’s The Batman, this is not. To wear the mark of that influence one would assume its share of good dialogue, tension, and shocks to the core as we unravel what’s burrowing deeper beneath the surface. Maybe the most interesting comparison was one to The Crow, which unfortunately doesn’t imbue the same sense of dread, weirdness, or of a multilayered revenge story, but I can see the sad boy tone and 90’s grunge soundtrack doing the heavy lifting there.…

Recent reviews

  • Piercing



    I hope Christopher Abbott keeps starring in these weird little indie’s that have such a small audience, with myself somehow being a fan of them every time. Plays so well on a rewatch I completely forgot about the dialed in performances, simple yet pop-arty set designs, and the really sound level of dark comedy. Absurd to think this is from the same guy who went on to remake The Grudge, but alas not the only director I’d like to see back in a smaller budget.

  • Prince of Darkness

    Prince of Darkness


    Blending faith and science while over explaining it in uninteresting ways, backed by bad acting, I just never found myself into this. Really good score and the final scenes have a pulse, but everything before that was a tiring exploration. Without a doubt my least favorite from the horror maestro.

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  • Possessor



    One would assume the son of David Cronenberg would be debuting painstakingly brutal and violent body horror that rivals even some of his aforementioned fathers masterworks. This assumption added with some shocking slasher razzle-dazzle would be correct. Rolling out today in drive-ins and theaters, Brandon Cronenberg bursts through seams with an entry that, whether people love or hate it, will be impossible to forget. Much less uses a concept that foreshadows to a frightening future but instead brings viewers into…

  • The Green Knight

    The Green Knight


    A gorgeous film to look at but some pacing that nears grueling in parts. Luckily, a brilliant ending retroactively makes those parts better, as well as the rest of the film, which, ironically plays to the tune of the tale. You never know what you have until it’s gone and you never start to live until you’re already dead. Something that keeps growing in estimation as the minutes go by and will no doubt prove to be rewarding on more…