Possessor ★★★★★

One would assume the son of David Cronenberg would be debuting painstakingly brutal and violent body horror that rivals even some of his aforementioned fathers masterworks. This assumption added with some shocking slasher razzle-dazzle would be correct. Rolling out today in drive-ins and theaters, Brandon Cronenberg bursts through seams with an entry that, whether people love or hate it, will be impossible to forget. Much less uses a concept that foreshadows to a frightening future but instead brings viewers into the torturous and bleak present world we live in today. Something that both father and son have done so well is creating a science fiction concept that goes above and beyond in an unrealistic manner visually, yet often feels grounded throughout and much more personal by its end thanks to the palpable themes channeling from the characters. Even during the incredible visuals we get when Possessor does its “thing”, the auditory presence is equally as stimulating and assaulting. With so much going on at these levels it’s hard to imagine how it’s still considered a slow burn. Moving between these relentless scenes is where both Abbot and Riseborough prove they can be just as capturing, but still may be too offsetting grand scheme for everyone. No telling what David Cronenbergs next move is, but suffice it to say he’s made a name for himself here and is more than just living in the shadow of a body-horror masters empire.

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