Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★½

A return to form for the titular Godzilla story, stripping it down to a parable about a nuclear holocaust. The entire first third here is incredibly fast paced, there’s the first showing of probably the grossest rendition of the character, but the true strength here is the heavy dialogue, which strongly imbues the sense of untimely chaos and disruption, while showing all the red tape needed to be cut to get the right message to the chain of command and back down again. Some of the CGI gets pretty rough within the destruction of the city, but smartly then on uses lot of nighttime to its advantage, where it peaks with the coolest rendition of Godzilla yet. It stars to falter a bit in the ending stretch, but it’s still by far the best narratively sound Godzilla I’ve seen. One for fans of old and new that should give this a whirl.

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