The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

this is so utterly embarrassing for me. it took me so long to watch this because i didn’t want to be disappointed and I WAS SO WRONG.
this was so good y’all. like if you haven’t seen this, no one is lying to you it is as good as everyone says. i really liked how fast the dialogue was. i hate slow paced dialogue and this was fast fast. and the thing that had me by the NECK...the score. i went on my spotify so quick. its already everything to me, i’ve listened to it constantly. i was so pleased by this film the entire timeeeeeeeee!!!
but i definitely yelped when i saw a*mie h*mmer. it was my natural instinct. PLUS 2!?!!!! no i was terrified
big thanks to my sister for making me watch this, her taste is excellent

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