• The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

    The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift


    Where the other F&F movies have failed to capture the pure essence of car culture and drag you into this world, this movie did all of that and more.

    Our main character actually has an arc of learning, starting from the bottom and becoming a better driver throughout the movie, culminating in a very well shot and intense ending race.

    This movie even dared to up the stakes and kill characters, not giving plot armor, but killing them right before…

  • Long Day's Journey Into Night

    Long Day's Journey Into Night


    I have very little experience with Chinese film, only seeing a few martial arts films and just starting to explore Wong Kar-Wai's filmography. Going into this movie, I expected it to have that same feel.

    In the aspects of cinematography, it does have the same feel. There are very beautiful uses of light and water, especially in the flooded basement, with the water splashing off of the light and holding on that shot. My favorite transition in the film was…

  • The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man


    (First time seeing the new Criterion restoration)

    First things first, this was a beautiful restoration of this film. When I saw this film for the first time in high school the copy was grainy and had deep contrast. So seeing this version with crisp 4K visuals and way better color grading was breathtaking. The black and white cinematography was gorgeous and light was used in very specific ways to emphasize faces and silhouettes to great effect.

    Having seen more of…

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    As a stand alone movie this would get a 2.5/5, but as a nostalgic and entertaining movie, I'd give it a 3.5.

    It had some great call back jokes, character redemptions and conclusions to some stories that never got an ending.

    It felt like a movie for the fans and it delivered on what it promised. I had a fun time and enjoyed the movie, I'm excited to see where they go with this whole multiverse and rumors of sequels,…

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    I heard that these stories were conceived at the same time as Chunking Express, but cut due to Wong Kar-Wai liking the other two instead. He still came back and made this film as a spiritual successor to Chunking Express.

    You can see Kar-Wai's French New Wave influences as plain as day in this film, mixed with the over the top action of John Woo, and his signature close up/ blurry motion style. This all mixed into an extremely interesting…

  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    This was my first delve into Wong Kar-Wai's filmography and it has made me interested in checking out his other films.

    The way he portrays motion with frame skipping blurriness was something I have not seen done before and it really adds to the chaos and business of the Hong Kong local.

    At first the story confused me because I believed that both stories were connected in some way, but after reading into it, they are stories told in the…

  • Rebels of the Neon God

    Rebels of the Neon God


    While it was a beautifully shot film, with great scenes during the night, I did not understand the story.

    Our main character is not relatable nor likable and stalks a thief to make his life horrible because he broke a mirror on his father's taxi.

    Even if you were to view this as a gay story, with the main character being in love with the thief, why would he make his life hell and create problems at every corner.


  • Dune



    IMAX Screening

    This is how it was meant to be seen.

  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    Watched it again with the audio commentary.
    The audio commentary on the bluray has NWR and Elle Fanning.

    This audio commentary is almost better than the actual movie. If you didn't enjoy the movie, I would highly recommend to watch it with this commentary.

    NWR and Elle go into detail about what it was like shooting on a low budget, restraints they had and little behind the scenes stories about the actors in the movie.

    NWR and Elle talk about…

  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    This was an audio sensory experience.

    NWR is always pushing his stories and visuals to the max, embracing the ubsurd and going full on experimental. This film is a prime example of that.

    Filled with music video esque transition scenes that bring you into the minds of our characters and visually show you the story rather than have any exposition.

    If you go into it knowing what NWR will put out and how he presents his stories you may enjoy…

  • Brightburn



    It leaned into the premise very well, gave some great gore and kill scenes and left me wanting more.

    The story isn't anything special, but the schlock makes up for it. It was an entertaining movie that I wouldn't mind watching again.

  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain


    Upon first viewing, the movie did not click with me and felt anticlimactic at the end. I did watch it in parts, so that may have ruined the buildup.

    I'll give it a second watch after it has settled in my mind.