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Favorite films

  • The Tree of Life
  • Stalker
  • Fallen Angels
  • Blue Velvet

Recent activity

  • The Newton Boys

  • Rashomon

  • Incoherence

  • Rebels of the Neon God

Recent reviews

  • Kaili Blues

    Kaili Blues


    There’s something about Bi Gan’s films that feel completely fantastical, but at the same time carry a sense of realism that is far greater than anything I’ve ever seen. Gan’s films are beautiful in a similar way to poetry. Masterfully chaptered and structured in a way I’ve seen few times. I’m excited to see his future works as he’s become quite possibly my favorite up and coming director.

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    3 watches later and I’m still clueless

Popular reviews

  • The Tree of Life

    The Tree of Life


    Just thought I’d give this film a proper review, seeing as it has maintained itself as my favorite for a while now, and a simple 5 star rating doesn’t do it justice.

    Tree of Life, to put it simply, functions more like an ethereal experience than a standard film. Everything about it makes you feel so elevated in terms of understanding, and at the same time leaves you absolutely dumbfounded as to why on Earth I’m right here, in this…

  • Venom 3

    Venom 3


    Haha guys Fortnite funny am I right?!?! Annoying as hell just shut the fuck up