Parasite ★★★★

Yeah I'm in with the consensus, it's pretty terrific yadda, yadda, yadda.

Bong seems to have taken a bit of a turn with this from his other films, in the way this is more formally a comedy where, his previous films (at least the ones I've seen) tread more in the mixing of genres, absurdity, horror, comedy, family drama, sometimes within a single scene. Which is something I like about his films, especially the Host. Snowpiercer is more of a looney tunes cartoon with class criticisms at it's core.

He's never been subtle, which is fine, as this is certainly not (juxtapose the living conditions of the rich family with the poor family, both in the beginning and during the deluge). But this isn't exactly an ax to the head like Snowpiercer.

Anyway, here it's an Upstairs/Downstairs class comedy throughout much of the film - until it isn't and it devolves into a little more darker and unsettling than anything he's done that I've seen.

The way our grifter family really, really likes the Park's is a great touch, to the point they didn't want their lies exposed so as to not disappoint the very, very naive rich wife. Obviously they didn't want to be exposed as well but the sentiment they all have for the rich family seems genuine - until it isn't, until all the class differences come to a head.

Luis Bunuel said he didn't focus on the servants in the Exterminating Angel as he figured they'd just start to murder one another. This film doesn't really compare to that one, but for some reason that line from Bunuel came to mind and, while that film is about the upper classes being reduced to savages in a most elegant manner, it seems to resonate here, at least to me.