Disney continues their, so far, torrid run of revitalizing lost properties to pad their already bloated catalog.

After the sour attempts with Cinderella and Maleficent respectively, I largely gave up on these live-action re-imaginings and didn't even bother with the PR-disaster that was Mulan.

Enter Cruella - the puppy murdering psychopath that every child looked up to growing up (?). Embracing one's uniqueness has always been Disney's golden ticket appeal to the masses and in an era tinted by revolt and anarchy, we flock to superstition.

Craig Gillespie took what worked for Harley Quinn's recent showings and dressed it up in lavish apparel. Swindling her way through the runway, Cruella begs and pleads to be accepted and loved for her passion (for fashion :p), but her motive is one rooted in malice.

"Maybe '70s?" the intern quietly suggested, and the sound technician hit shuffle on Spotify and called it a day. If there is a sequel, please hire a composer or something.

I'm gonna be honest, I strictly came here for Stone, and she damn well delivered. Her quite laughable accent only serves the eccentricity of the character. She tones down when she needs to and plays it up right in time for the clicking of the cameras. Estella and Cruella are different performances entirely - a class act from top to bottom. Getting pretty damn close to Close.

The least bland and most competent effort from Disney in whatever project they're calling these empathic recolorings of their villainous arsenal. But if you're gonna leave a shoe at the ball, next time, make sure it's made of glass.

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